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Nihat Khalilzade Profile
Welcome to Khalilzade Consulting, the premier consultancy dedicated to unlocking Korea's vast potential for expatriates, entrepreneurs, and businesses alike.
Founded by Nihat Khalilzade, a distinguished figure with a multifaceted background in international business, community networking, and innovation, our firm embodies the spirit of collaboration, excellence, and visionary leadership in the dynamic landscape of South Korea.
At the heart of Khalilzade Consulting lies a profound commitment to fostering growth, facilitating seamless transitions, and creating opportunities for those looking to make their mark in Korea. Our foundation is built on more than a decade of unparalleled experience, deep-rooted expertise, and a broad network of influential connections across various industries and government sectors.

Hello and welcome! My name is Nihat Khalilzade, and I am dedicated to making your transition and growth in Korea as seamless and successful as possible. With a rich tapestry of experience in various sectors, my primary expertise lies in my service as a public officer in Seoul for five years. During this period, I focused on providing comprehensive support to foreigners, including students and professionals, to help them settle, study, work, start a business and thrive in Korea.

Your Ideal Solution with

  • Kickstart Your Korean Journey with Expert Guidance

    1 hr

    150,000 South Korean won
  • Introduction to Startup Creation

    1 hr

    200,000 South Korean won
  • Entrepreneurial Guidance Services

    1 hr

    300,000 South Korean won
  • Business Planning Support Services

    1 hr

    350,000 South Korean won
  • Business Localization in Various Countries

    1 hr

    500,000 South Korean won
  • Marketing Guidance for SMEs

    1 hr

    500,000 South Korean won
  • Brand Positioning Analysis Services

    1 hr

    500,000 South Korean won
  • 1 hr

    Price Negotiable
  • Seamless Transitions from the Moment You Arrive to Korea

    1 hr 30 min

    Price Negotiable
  • Over 20 languages translations

    1 hr

    Price Negotiable
Nihat Khalilzade Platform

Empower your business with invaluable insights, data-driven solutions and personalized guidance

Khalilzade: Empowering Your Journey in Korea

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