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Empowering Entrepreneurs: A Recap of Our Second 2024 OASIS 4+ Class at Seoul Global Center

Continuing our mission to empower foreign entrepreneurs in Korea, the Seoul Global Center recently hosted the second lecture of 2024 for our OASIS 4+ class. This innovative program is specifically designed to guide international participants through the complexities of starting their own trade businesses in Korea. With a focus on providing actionable insights and fostering an environment of learning and networking, this session was a significant step forward in supporting the entrepreneurial ambitions of expatriates in Korea.

OASIS 4+ Class at Seoul Global Center Nihat Khalilzade
OASIS 4+ Class at Seoul Global Center Nihat Khalilzade
Overview of the OASIS 4+ Class

The OASIS 4+ class series is a tailored educational initiative that aims to equip foreign entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate the Korean business landscape. This session, in particular, emphasized the essentials of establishing and running a successful trade business. From regulatory compliance and market entry strategies to understanding cultural nuances in business practices, the curriculum was comprehensive and detailed.

Key Topics Explored

1. Understanding Korean Business Regulations: A critical component of the lecture was dedicated to unraveling the complex regulatory environment of Korea. Participants learned about the specific legal requirements for starting a trade business, including licenses, taxes, and import-export regulations.

2. Market Analysis Techniques: To help attendees identify and capitalize on market opportunities, the session included detailed discussions on conducting effective market analysis. This covered techniques for market segmentation, competitive analysis, and consumer behavior insights specific to Korea and its trade partners.

3. Strategies for Effective Market Entry: With a clear understanding of market analysis, the focus shifted to market entry strategies. This included choosing the right business model, developing marketing plans tailored to Korean and international consumers, and leveraging online platforms for maximum reach.

4. Cultural Considerations in Business: Recognizing the importance of cultural sensitivity, the lecture provided insights into the cultural aspects of doing business in Korea. This section aimed to prepare participants for successful interactions and negotiations with Korean suppliers, partners, and customers.

OASIS 4+ Class at Seoul Global Center Nihat Khalilzade 2
OASIS 4+ Class at Seoul Global Center Nihat Khalilzade 2
Participant Engagement and Feedback

The interactive format of the lecture encouraged participants to engage deeply with the content and with each other. Through group discussions, Q&A sessions, and networking breaks, attendees were able to share their experiences, challenges, and aspirations. The feedback received was overwhelmingly positive, with many highlighting the practicality of the information and the clarity it brought to the process of starting a business in Korea.

Looking Forward

The success of this second lecture has set a positive trajectory for the remainder of the OASIS 4+ series. Participants left the session with not only enhanced knowledge but also increased confidence in their ability to launch and grow their trade businesses. We are excited to continue this journey of learning and empowerment, and we look forward to seeing the tangible businesses that emerge from this robust program.


As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the ability to engage in international trade becomes more crucial for entrepreneurs. The OASIS 4+ class at the Seoul Global Center is more than just a course—it's a launchpad for foreign entrepreneurs to turn their visions into successful enterprises. We are proud to support this vibrant community of innovators and look forward to their contributions to Korea's dynamic business ecosystem.

OASIS 4+ Class at Seoul Global Center Nihat Khalilzade 3
OASIS 4+ Class at Seoul Global Center Nihat Khalilzade 3


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