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Strengthening Global Business Ties: Khalilzade Consulting's Role in the Osong Foreign Entrepreneurs Export Capacity Building Workshop

In a recent groundbreaking initiative, the Chungbuk Free Economic Zone Authority, in collaboration with the Chungbuk Creative Economy Innovation Center, hosted an influential workshop aimed at boosting the export capabilities of foreign entrepreneurs in Osong. Held at the Jeungpyeong Belfore Resort, this event drew participation from numerous key stakeholders including foreign entrepreneurs, local administration officials, and industry experts. Khalilzade Consulting was proud to play a crucial role in guiding these entrepreneurs to expand their businesses globally. This blog post explores the pivotal moments of the workshop and highlights our contributions to this enriching experience.

Workshop Overview

The Osong Foreign Entrepreneurs Export Capacity Building Workshop was a vibrant platform for knowledge exchange and networking. Attended by around 30 participants from various sectors including the Osong Global Startup Center, Korea Motor Vehicle Administration, and Sejong Invention Promotion Association, the workshop offered foreign entrepreneurs valuable insights into expanding their business reach beyond local markets.

Key Highlights of the Workshop

Expert Lectures: Participants benefitted from expert lectures on critical topics such as the success stories of foreign entrepreneurs led by Nihat from the Gangnam Global Village Center, and strategies for leveraging Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) to enhance export capabilities, presented by Customs Broker Lee Gil-jun. These sessions provided practical tools and actionable advice for navigating the complex global trade environment.

Success Story of Hayan International: One of the standout moments of the workshop was the inspiring story shared by May Thingja Kai, CEO of Hayan International. Selected early in the year for a foreign business startup support program, May received comprehensive incubation support including trade training, expert mentoring, startup space, and export assistance. Her company’s success, marked by securing export contracts worth $25,000, exemplifies the significant impact of structured support on entrepreneurial ventures.

Khalilzade Consulting's Strategic Guidance: As strategic partners in this initiative, Khalilzade Consulting played a pivotal role in guiding the foreign entrepreneurs through the complexities of international business expansion. Our consultancy provided tailored advice, ensuring participants not only understood the Korean market but were also prepared to leverage their potential globally.

Impact and Future Directions

The workshop not only reinforced Osong’s position as an international hub for entrepreneurship but also spotlighted the essential role of consultancies like Khalilzade in facilitating business growth and international cooperation. Maeng Gyeong-jae, Commissioner of the Economic Development Administration, emphasized the ongoing commitment to linking local SMEs’ excellent products with global markets through foreign entrepreneurs.


The Osong Foreign Entrepreneurs Export Capacity Building Workshop marks a significant milestone in our continued effort to support the global entrepreneurial community. Khalilzade Consulting remains dedicated to empowering business owners with the tools and insights needed to thrive in a competitive international marketplace. We look forward to fostering more such collaborations and helping entrepreneurs turn their business aspirations into global success stories.


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